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Drawing bloodMISSION

“To provide health, education, prevention services, living assistance, and cultural and spiritual gatherings to community members. These endeavors are accomplished through health programs, workshops, community events, publications, and outreach provided by well-informed staff, elders and consultants.”

Our goals are to maintain sobriety, honor our culture, and to live like our ancestors in modern times.

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The Hualapai Health Education and Wellness Department has been in operations since the early 80’s and has expanded to provide the following services:


  • Injury Prevention
    • The project is to develop an injury prevention program on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. The first project was to evaluate car seat usages among adults and children and elderly fall prevention.
  • Maternal Child Health Program (description)
  • Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH) Project (description)
  • Strategic Framework Project
    • The project is the first step in developing a plan to address underage drinking by collecting data and evaluating resources to address the problem

Unless otherwise noted, the majority of the programs are located at the Hualapai Health Department building on Rodeo Way in Peach Springs.  The Hualapai Health Department serves Hualapai Tribal members and other Native Americans living within the area. The user level for the Indian Health Service was 2,506 in 1999 and projected to be 3,084 in the year 2010.


  • Sandra Irwin, Director (Ext 226) [bio]
  • Flora Hunter, Office Manager (Ext 214)
  • Vondell Bender, Client Service/Receptionist (Ext 200)
  • Antonia Cogburn, Receptionist/Clerk (Ext 213)

Behavioral Health

  • Antone BrummundProgram Manager (Ext 238)
  • Linda HavatoneSubstance Abuse Counselor (Ext 236)
  • David HoaglandSubstance Abuse Counselor (Ext 226)
  • Mike Kufeld, Substance Abuse Counselor (Ext 239)
  • Laverne TsosieSubstance Abuse Case Manager (Ext 222)
  • Staci Delaney, Child and Family Counselor (Ext 237)
  • Dawn Kufeld, Community Counselor (Ext 227)
  • Paula DeNicola, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 233)
  • Charlene Childs, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 204)
  • Danna Peterson, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 231)
  • David Brehmeyer, Special Projects Program Manager (Ext 232)
  • Charlene ImusData Coordinator (Ext 215)

Community Health Representatives

  • Carol Wostal, Community Health Nurse (Ext 216)
  • Patsy Boney-MuseCommunity Health Representative (Ext 218)
  • Denise SineCommunity Health Representative (Ext 207)
  • Brook BenderCommunity Health Representative (Ext 211)
  • Kristina ShongoCommunity Health Representative (Ext 217)

Diabetes Prevention/Fitness Program

  • Emma Tapija, Program Manager
  • Chira Walema, Fitness Specialist I
  • Juwan Walker, Fitness Specialist III
  • Torrey Tapija, Fitness Specialist II

Healthy Heart – Cardiovascular Diabetes Program

  • Nicollette Teufel-Shone, PhD, Program Coordinator (Ext 274)
  • Karen Hays, RN, BSN, Program Manager (Ext 271)
  • Athena Crozier, Data Coordinator/Recruiter/Health Educator (Ext 272)

Injury Prevention

  • Lyndee Hornell, Injury Prevention Coordinator (Ext 205)

Maternal Child Health Program – First Things First

  • Vacant, Maternal Child Health Nurse (Ext 206)
  • Vacant, Maternal Child Health Advocate (Ext 206)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  • Doris Butler, Lead Transportation Driver (Ext 225)
  • Viola Gala, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Lyle Havatone, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Louise Wood, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Sheilah Navarro, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Renee Beecher, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Darnell Wilder, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Gary Whatoname, Driver (Ext 224)

Radio Station

  • Terri Hutchens, Radio Station Manager (Ext 251)
  • Tim Vaughn, Radio Station Assistant (Ext 254)

Strategic Prevention

  • Leon Ghahate, Strategic Prevention Coordinator (Ext 209)
  • Darlene Bender, Strategic Prevention Assistant (Ext 203)

Women, Infants and Children Program – W.I.C

  • Mary Imus, Community Nutrition Worker (Ext 202)

Youth Services

  • Pete Imus, Youth Services Coordinator (Ext 201)
  • Omaovensi Coochwytewa, Youth Services Assistant (Ext 239)