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Behavioral Health

Team BuildingMISSION

“To help reduce and alleviate the social and emotional impact that mental illness/substance abuse can impose on the individual and family through the process of evaluation, referral, and support.”


We provide counseling services to the individual/family in all types of settings, from the traditional in-office setting for individuals or in groups, to non-traditional settings such as in the home, or at the new Juvenile Detention Center, or Adult Jail.

The program counselors work with the schools, police, social services, and other referring agencies as needed for support, placement in residential facilities, and aftercare follow-up services upon return to the community.

To access theses services, simply call (928) 769-2207 and make an appointment, or just walk into the Health Department at 960 Rodeo Way.


  • Antone BrummundProgram Manager (Ext 238)
  • David HoaglandSubstance Abuse Counselor (Ext 226)
  • Mike Kufeld, Substance Abuse Counselor (Ext 239)
  • Laverne Tsosie, Substance Abuse Case Manager (Ext 222)
  • Staci Delaney, Child and Family Counselor (Ext 237)
  • Dawn Kufeld, Community Counselor
  • Paula DeNicola, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 233)
  • Charlene Childs, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 204)
  • Danna Peterson, In-Home Family Therapist (Ext 231)
  • David BrehmeyerSpecial Projects Program Manager (Ext 232)
  • Charlene ImusData Coordinator (Ext 215)