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Hualapai Department of Emergency Services


Welcome to the Hualapai Nation Emergency Service Department serving the Hualapai Nation with the upmost professional service. Emergency Service provides the Hualapai Tribe with 24/7 Emergency Response and Care with four Divisions of the Department dedicated to Public Safety, Care and Emergency Response with three different stations to provides services on the Hualapai Nation.

  • Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS)
  • Hualapai Nation Fire Division (Fire)
  • Animal Control Code Enforcement Division (Animal Control)
  • Dispatch Division (Dispatch)

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“To the serve the Hualapai Nation community by serving as a first on scene medical assistance, emergent and non-emergent situations, treat and transport to the hospital, Fire protection and suppression, assisting in the health, welfare and enforcement of all animals, educating the community and managing the Emergency Response Team.”


Emergency Services Department has three different station on the Hualapai Nation to provide services:

Station 1:     Located at 921 Hualapai Way – Peach Springs Community

Station 2:     Located 1398 Milkweed Springs – Buck and Doe – Milkweed Housing District

Station 3:    Located 4749 Diamond Bar Road – Grand Canyon West


EMS/FIRE Division

  • CPR Classes
  • Fire Extinguisher Class
  • Public Health
  • Fire Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Burn Permits

AC Code Enforcement Division

  • Licensing Registration
  • Vaccination
  • Public Health/Disease Prevention
  • Basic First Aid Animals
  • Emergency Preparedness


Dispatch Division:  24 Hour Dispatch Services for EMS/FIRE/Animal Control

*or dial 911 (*warning-911 service is from the County and may cause delays)

Emergency Services Phone Number: (928) 769-2205


  • Duane A. ClarkeActing Director – Emergency Services
  • Gary Turnbow, Division Chief/EMS – Station I and II
  • Kyrate Lomavitu III, Division Chief/FIRE – Station I and II
  • Rudy Barboa, Division Chief/EMS-FIRE – Station III
  • Shaun Henson, Division Chief – Animal Control
  • Renee Beecher, Division Chief – Dispatch