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“Identifying, protecting, preserving, and managing cultural resources within Hualapai Tribal lands and Hualapai Traditional use lands. The Department shall implement and ensure appropriate measures to foster conditions that promote Hualapai Tribal sovereignty and meet the social, environmental, economic and other needs for present and future generations in providing leadership in preservation and protection of cultural resources of the Hualapai Nation.”

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The Hualapai Cultural Center promotes cultural traditions and public education through continuing programs such as:

  • Cultural Arts and Language Program (CAL)
    • Classes in pottery making
    • Cradleboard making
    • Hualapai cultural history, archaeology & anthropology
    • Field trips
  • The yearly PAI Language Immersion Camp
    • Youth camp promoting Pai language
  • Green arrow garden project
    • Community garden
  • Support to the Yuman Language Summit
    • Pai language annual conference
  • Youth and elder ethnobotany program
    • Classes promoting traditional ecological knowledge


The cultural programs are brought to life by the dedicated cultural center staff.

  • Dawn Hubbs, Director/THPO/Archaeologist
  • Ms. Marcie Craynon, Administrative Secretary
  • Dr. Kerry Christensen, Biologist/Preservation Specialist III
  • Ms. Sharon Wilder, Preservation Specialist I
  • Ms. Carrie Cannon, Ethnobotanist/Cultural Resource Specialist
  • Mr. Drake Havatone, Cultural Resource Technician II/Cultural Artist
  • Mr. Bennett Wakayuta, Cultural Resources Technician II/Cultural Artist
  • Ms. Lyndee Hornell, Cultural Technician I
  • Ms. Crystal Wellington, Receptionist