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Transportation Program

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Our purpose is to provide comfortable, reliable, and safe transportation services for non-emergency medical patients.  This means that if you have a medical appointment in Kingman, Flagstaff, Prescott, or else where we will transport you.

To schedule transportation for a medical appointment:

  1. Please let Olivia Wilder or Deborah Sine at 928.7697.2900 know about your appointment and they will schedule your transportation.

We also provide transportation to the general public to go shopping and other essential activities for a small fee.

To schedule a non-medical transportation service:

  1. Please fill out the Request Form.
  2. Pay your fee at the tribal office.
  3. Submit your request with a copy of your payment receipt to the transportation program at the Health Department.

***NOTE: Medical appointments will always take priority over all other transportation requests. ***


We are located within the main Health Department Building at 960 Rodeo Way.


  • Doris Butler, Lead Transportation Driver (Ext 225)
  • Viola Gala, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Lyle Havatone, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Louise Wood, Driver (Ext 224)
  • Shellah Navarro, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Renee Beecher, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Darnell Wilder, Driver (Ext 235)
  • Gary Whatoname, Driver (Ext 224)