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We are committed to ensuring that justice is done and the community is protected. We prosecute the guilty, safeguard the innocent, and protect victims and their rights. No one is above the law, nor beneath its protection. We are also committed to enhance and facilitate communication and coordinate to collaboratively engage integral federal agencies and tribal programs to impact crime and recidivism for the good of all community residents and visitors. The Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office is located in Peach Springs, Arizona, on the Hualapai Indian Reservation (next to and north of the Indian Health Clinic).


All adult criminal cases and juvenile delinquency cases investigated and reported by Hualapai Police Department are reviewed for court filing by the Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office. All traffic citations issued by Hualapai Police Department are filed through the Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office. All child(ren) protection cases referred from Hualapai Social Services and Hualapai Police Department are reviewed for court filing by the Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office. The Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office also reviews and advises other Hualapai tribal enforcement departments as deemed necessary or appropriate. In coordination with Hualapai Probation Office the Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office adjudicates violation of sentencing or disposition orders. The office furthermore handles special civil actions related to Fugitive Warrants, and Civil Seizures in drug related crimes (not described in flow chart below). The Hualapai Prosecutor’s Office works collaboratively with the Hualapai Police Department, U.S. Attorney’s Office and its Federal Agents, Hualapai Human Services Program, Hualapai Behavioral Health Department, the Hualapai Tribal Court and Probation Department, and Hualapai Public Defender’s Office. In the spirit of collaboration the Office participates as member of the Child Protection Team, Multi-Disciplinary Team, Justice Complex Development Committee, and other committees as time allows. See case processing flow chart, describing how cases are processed through the Hualapai Tribal Courts:

Flow Chart for a Case

Flow Chart for a Case


Appellate Justices: Judge Robert Clinton, Judge Carol Goldberg, Judge Pat Sekaquaptewa, Judge Wes Williams, Jr. – review trial court decisions; hear arguments and enter appellate decisions remanding with or without instruction, reversing with or without instruction, or uphold trial court decision(s). Remanded cases may go through a trial court re-hearing, reversed cases may close the case without further proceedings. Upheld trial court decisions; adverse to a defendant requires a disposition or sentence to be fulfilled.


  • Marie James, Chief Prosecutor
  • Tammy Walker, Assistant Prosecutor
  • Gale Smith, Administrative Assistant
  • Andrea Banimptewa, File Clerk