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Tribal Court


“To promote Justice to all in a fair and impartial manner by providing quality and courtesy services with integrity and confidentiality; we further give our utmost respect to cultural values, customers and traditions.”


  • Monday through Thursday: Criminal Court
  • Daily: Arraignments at 1:30pm for Adults in Custody
  • Monday and Tuesday: Civil Court Hearings
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Juvenile Court Hearings
  • Friday: Conflict cases or emergency hearings


  • Receptionist/court clerk window
    • All assistance related to court dates and times, filings, jury exemptions (excuses), payments on fines, fees, child support are all made at this window.  Accepted payment types are money order or bank certified cashier’s check.
  • Customer comments
    • All customers are encouraged to provide comments to the Court Administrator.
  • Court forms
    • Forms below are to be used and filed in the Hualapai Tribal Court only.  Additional forms at front court lobby.


  • Civil (child support, custody, injunctions, name changes,etc.) $20
  • Marriage license $20
  • Dissolution of marriage/separation $75
  • Appeal $50, within 30 days
  • Certified copy $2
  • Advocate fees (practitioner application) $30, per year (per individual) and $10 per case
  • Attorney fees $200 and $30 per case as of Jan. 1, 2011
  • Protection Orders are free of charge for immediate family members, all else $20.
  • Tribal Law and Order Code $75.  Contact any court clerk for a copy.


  • Ida Wilber, Chief Judge
  • Jolene Marshall, Associate Judge
  • April Havatone, Court Administrator
  • Muriel Uqualla, Chief Court Clerk
  • Vacant, Receptionist Clerk
  • Colette Quasula,Traffic Court Clerk
  • Yolanda Wescogame, Juvenile Court Clerk
  • Tina Grounds, Civil Court Clerk
  • Tawyna Shongo, Criminal Court Clerk
  • Vacant, Probation Officer
  • Margaret Vaughn, Probation Supervisor
  • Jamie Schrum, Court Process Server
  • Ron Pope, Lead Bailiff
  • Morris Samson, Bailiff

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