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Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Center


“To provide safe and secure housing for incarcerated youth, to encourage positive long-term behavioral changes, to reduce delinquency and recidivism, and to facilitate the learning of Hualapai and other Native American cultural beliefs”


About the Facility

The Hualapai Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Center (HJDRC) is a 30 bed facility with three holding cells, a recreation yard, garden, green house, and a sweat lodge. In April 2009, HJDRC started to house local juveniles. Throughout the day the youth’s time is primarily spent in an on-site classroom with educational programming to follow. School is attended Monday thru Friday year-around.


The services which are implemented into their daily schedule are dependent on dedicated staff and community volunteers who are motivated to get the youth involved in drug and alcohol free activities as well as traditional beliefs. The services we offer are:

  • Life skills
  • Wellbriety
  • Wise Guys Wise Girls (Provided By Mohave Health Dept.)
  • Talking circle
  • Sweat ceremonies twice a month (Can be done sooner if requested by youth)
  • Weekly Ministry
  • Cultural Arts & Crafts: Beading, weaving, gourd painting
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Gardening and ethnobotany
  • Youth Council Meetings
  • Culinary Classes: Youth are given the opportunity to earn their food handlers card.
  • Drug education classes
  • Bee-farm program: HJDRC has a bee farm program which the youth care for. They are able to learn about the effect bees have on our ecosystem to the winterization of the bees. HJDRC’s goal is harvest the honey for the Hualapai community to enjoy.
  • And lastly the PWWS program



PPWS Program

The Positive Warrior Work Service (PWWS) is a program that was implemented in 2011. It is an incentive program for the youth who can earn participation through good behavior. The program also embodies community involvement by chopping wood for elders, yard cleaning, and participating in any community event. With this program the youth have been able to attend events such as Native American Legislation Day, Ropes Course, Skywalk, La Paz run, movies, bowling. This program demonstrates to the youth that there are healthier ways to have fun.


Green Re-Entry Program

The Hualapai Indian Tribe was one of three tribes in the country to be awarded a four-year Tribal Detention and Reentry Green program. This endeavor is to cultivate and deepen tribal culture, promote community service, academic and vocational skills, and reduce alcohol and drug use. The Green- entry program was awarded in 2009 and concluded in September of 2015.



Those who would like to seek employment may fill out an application and submit it one of the following ways:

Hand deliver to Human Resources located at 941 Hualapai Way


Fax to Human Resources 928-769-2343

We do not accept applications directly at our facility. Minimum requirements must be met:

  • Clean driving record (No DUIs in last 5 years, no suspended license in last 3 years, no more than 2 speeding tickets in last 5 years and any other major violation
  • Must have high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Must pass criminal background check
  • All applicants will be subject to finger printing upon interview




All new employees go through two weeks of orientation training. Correction officers receive over 200 hours of initial training and support staff receives a total of 160 hours of initials training. All correction officers must complete a six week academy sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs which takes place in Artesia, NM.

All employees receive an average of 60 hours of annual training.