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Public Works


 It is the mission of the Hualapai Public Services Department to develop and maintain infrastructure which enhances the quality of life for the Hualapai People.

This mission is accomplished through the following:

  • Public Works Program, which strives to enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses, and visitors in the most practical, useful, economical, safe, and beneficial way.
  • Roads Program, which maintains the roadways and transportation facilities of the Hualapai People, in a safe and usable condition in a manner which is responsive to the public need, while being cognizant of a limited budget.


Public Works Services

The Public Works Program provides the following services:

  • Maintain water system ensuring the community has sufficient high quality water to meet its needs
  • Repair water main leaks
  • Maintain the community’s wastewater collection system
  • repair sewer leaks
  • Unclog sewer blockages
  • Street Lighting

Facilities Maintenance:

  • Maintain and repair Tribal public buildings

Solid Waste:

  • Operate the community Transfer Station and Recycling Center
  • Provide garbage pickup services.


  • Clean Public Buildings
  • Provide chairs and tables for special events

Apprenticeship Program:

  • Train workers in the construction trade
  • Instruct workers on safe work practices
  • Tribal facility improvement projects

Grounds Keeper:

  • Maintains landscape around Tribal Buildings
  • Maintains Veterans Park
  • Maintains Rt 66 Landscaping

Community Services:

  • Funeral Support
  • Deliver and split firewood for handicap and elderly
  • Community Cleanups
  • Homeowner maintenance assistance at Tribal Council discretion
  • Scoping services for other departments

Roads Services

Road Maintenance:

  • Repair of potholes
  • Maintenance of both paved and unpaved roadways
  • Cutting trees within the road right-of-way
  • Grade listed BIA roads
  • Storm damage repair
  • Clear snow

Fueling Station:

  • Diesel for Public Service Vehicles
  • Unleaded Gas for Tribal Vehicles


  • Maintenance and Repair of Fleet Vehicles
  • Minor maintenance and repair of Tribal vehicles

Community Service:

  • Grading home sites for placement of homes
  • support fire and police services during emergencies
  • Cut wood from tree clearing operation for use as emergency firewood for elderly



Philip G. Wisely, P.E.,Public Services Director,

Dennis Juan, Public Works Program Manager,

Darwin Honga, Roads Program Manager,

Mark Dryden, Apprentice Program Manager,

Leland Cardy, Solid Waste Manager,

Lucas Siyuja, Utilities Supervisor,

Julie Alpert, Transportation Planner,

Naomi Shongo, Custodial Supervisor, 928.769.2535