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Youth Services

Youth exercisingSERVICES

The goal of the Youth Services Program is to network and collaborate resources in the community to address the needs of our children.  The Peach Springs Youth Services Coalition (PSYSC) meets monthly with representatives from departments who have direct interest in youth issues.

The Youth Services Program is also the organizing body for the Tribal Youth Council, which was designed by the constitution to include youth under the age of 25.  The Youth Council meets to discuss youth issues and provide advisory recommendations directly to the Tribal Council.  The Youth Council coordinates service projects, provides positive opportunities to interact and socialize, and ultimately helps develop our future tribal leaders.

The Youth Services Program also plans and coordinates the annual La Paz Run and Indian Day events and activities.


We are located within the main Health Department building at 960 Rodeo Way.


  • Pete ImusYouth Services Coordinator, (Ext 201)
  • Omaovensi Coochwytewa, Youth Services Assistant (Ext 239)