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Native American Research Center for Health (NARCH)

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The NARCH 5, “Each One, Reach One” program is a health related research project. The project is currently operating an Internet radio station EPCH.  The aim of the project is to have community youth influence community members to change their health behaviors in positive ways through innovative interventions.  The interventions include youth operated radio broadcasts with encouraging health and social influence content and peer/buddy physical activities and events. The research will measure the success of these interventions. The project is also working to set up a Hualapai community radio station- KBAJ.


We are currently housed in the Healthy Heart building at 926 Hualapai Way, but EPCH is housed in the old Dialysis Center by the Prosecutor’s office.


  • Terri Hutchens, Project Coordinator, (Ext 251)
  • Timothy Vaughn, Radio Station Assistant (Ext 254)

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