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Native Employment Works

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Only enrolled Hualapai tribal members and their spouses are eligible for the Native Employment Works (NEW) program due to limited funding.  We will serve persons who are:

  • NEW participants receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • referred to the Hualapai Education and Training Department by the AZ State DES program from Kingman, AZ

There are 10-15 participants per year referred to our Department.  All of these NEW participants are parents with children and are in need of assistance.

All the activities will be provided by a part time NEW assistant who will perform outreach,  transport the NEW Participants to the office, and assist with job searches.  The NEW part time Assistant will be paid by the NEW Program.


  • GED instruction and tutoring
  • Job skills training
  • Job readiness training
  • Job placement
  • Job search
  • On-the job-training
  • Job or labor market information


  1. At least twenty-five percent of all NEW program TANF recipients will obtain unsubsidized employment
    • Objective- Provide necessary education and training and related activities to all eligible TANF clients
  2. Increase the number of GED recipients by at least 10% each year
    • Objective- Provide applicable TANF recipients with GED classes and tutoring


Jean Imus, WIA Coordinator,

  • Coordinator, Hualapai Nineteen Tribal Nations Workforce Investment Act Program (NTNWIA)
  • Coordinator, Hualapai Department of Labor Workforce Investment Act Program (DOL WIA)
  • Coordinator, Hualapai Tribe Native Employment Works Program (NEW)