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Johnson O’Malley Program

Dough kidsPURPOSE

The Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Program assists students in local schools from Head Start to 12th grade.  Currently the JOM program serves students at the Hualapai Head Start, Peach Springs Elementary School, Kingman Schools, Valentine School, and Seligman Schools.


Funding is for purchasing necessary items for students involved in academic or school-related extra-curricular activities.  However, educational support funds cannot be used to supplement other services available through the federal and state funding.


The local Indian Education Committee’s (IEC) determines the eligibility of students and items to be purchased.

  1. Students eligibility is based on P.L. 99-228, which includes a Certificate of Indian Blood
  2. Financial need of the student and/or other criteria as established by the IEC
  3. The Hualapai Johnson O’Malley Program  does not fully defray the entire cost of education support and requires  the student and parents to financially contribute