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Child Care Program


To provide positive and rich quality day care by encouraging each child to express themselves through language, art, music, and physical movement. With the emphasis on learning through play, they are building socialization in all areas of life, with the best providers & provider assistants available. To collaborate with community resources to provide nothing but the best care for your children.


Every child/family that comes through our doors will be treated with love and respect, so that we may become a quality Day Care Program for our community.


  • To provide learning experiences for children in their culture and traditions.
  • Opportunities to explore and observe new activities.
  • Opportunities for physical development by using large and small muscle movement.
  • Present opportunities through creative experiences in music, dance, dramatic play and messy media.
  • Develop a sense of security & gain positive self esteem.
  • Gain self control & respect.
  • Develop & learn new language skills
  • Develop cognitive abilities through hands on activities
  • Develop readiness and transition skills needed for Head Start & Kindergarten &/ or age appropriate developmental skills.


Hualapai Day Care prioritizes in enrolling families based on need. Some of the priorities include: CPS, Foster Care, and low income families. All families are encouraged to enroll as those with lesser priorities may still be enrolled if vacancies exist. We will work with families that may have IEP’s or that may need resources that may need referral process to get them to the right agency for help. It will be our best care to help with this process and working with the child.


  • Chira Walema Day Care Program Manager, 928.769.6340,
  • Zavier BensonAdministrative Assistant, 928.769.6339,
  • DeAna WatahomigieInfant Provider
  • Kiona Kormes – Infant Provider Assistant
  • Franshon Crozier – Toddler Provider
  • Eva Lomawaima – Toddler Provider Assistant
  • Vanessa Siyuja – Preschool Provider
  • Cougar Honga – Preschool Provider Assistant
  • Nadine Crook – School Age Provider
  • Sulinda GoldensteinSchool Age Provider Assistant
  • Lyda SteeleCook