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Public Defenders

Hualapai Grand Canyon

Hualapai Grand Canyon


“To provide individual legal representation and advocacy services to assigned indigent adults with crime, juveniles charged with acts of delinquency, persons petition for involuntary family and children matters, and members of the community so our clients can achieve optimal results in the resolution of their legal matters, thereby safeguarding the constitutional rights of the tribal community as a whole.”


“Justice for All”


The Hualapai Public Defender provides legal defense services to adult and juveniles facing criminal charges and/or family and children legal matters when appointed by the Hualapai Tribal Courts. Our goal is to provide legal representation, safeguard the fundamental individual rights, and ensure equal access to the protections afforded by the Hualapai Nation Constitution, and the laws of the Hualapai Nation. The Tribal Defenders also provide, on a case-by-case basis, legal representation to tribal/community members in a civil and domestic matter.


  • Estevan Hernandez, Jr., Director, Public Defender
  • Anna Susanyatame, Legal Secretary/Assistant Public Defender
  • Deborah Manakaja, Secretary
  • Tanya Steele, Investigator
  • Tenaya Marshall, File Clerk