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Hualapai Green Reentry Program

“Helping the Youth Move Forward in Beauty”
Hualapai Green Reentry Program

Mission Statement

Develop family and community support by involving our elders to teach skills for learning our language, culture, and traditions; so our children will develop self-confidence and leadership skills.  Hualapai will mentor future leaders to create a healthy Community.

The Hualapai Tribe was one of three tribes to be awarded a Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Green Demonstration Program administered through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Program (OJJDP).  The program focuses on reducing recidivism rates by involving youth in programs provided by tribal departments from the community.  The youth are exposed and learning different skills during detention through programs provided by the Hualapai Juvenile Detention & Rehabilitation Center.

Process of Reentry

An intake is completed with the youth to understand their needs and refer the youth to appropriate services.

A Child and Family Team (CFT) meeting is facilitated with the youth, family, natural supports, and informal supports.   Goals, strengths, and needs are identified during this time to define the youth’s reentry plan.

When released the youth is able to continue participating in programs in the community.

  • Green Reentry Advisory Board Members
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Cultural Department
  • Hwal’bay Hmany did gev’ik
  • Human Services Department
  • In-Home Family Support Services
  • Tribal Council
  • Tribal Courts
  • UofA Agricultural Extension Office
  • Youth Council