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Hualapai Tribal SealRequest for Proposal

Flagstone Mineral Study for Hualapai Tribe

The Hualapai Tribe of Arizona is soliciting a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Flagstone Mineral Study.

The Hualapai Indian Tribe (Tribe) wishes to identify and develop additional sources of flagstone to meet the future needs on the Hualapai Reservtaion and northern Arizona.  The Hualapai Reservation contains approximately 998,000 acres of land held in Trust by the Federal government and is located in portion of Mohave, Yavapai and Coconino Counties, Arizona.  Aside from on-Reservation use, the Tribe will seek to market the flagstone to other builders in Arizona.  A market analysis must be performed to determine the price point for this unique product and determine the best means to make the product available to the buyer.  A contract geologist will be retained to conduct the preliminary assessment, field surveys, geotechnical studies, market studies and any needed drilling and sampling.  The contractor will combine this information into a final report to be presented to the Tribal Council at the completion of the grant.

The (RFP) closes on November 21, 2014 at 4:00 PM Mountain Time/5:00 PM
Arizona Time. All questions must be submitted in writing and may be sent
via email to the individual listed below. All bids shall be submitted to:

Kevin A. Davidson, Director
Hualapai Tribe Planning & Economic Development Department
Mail to: P.O. Box 179 or
Deliver to: 887 W. Highway 66
Peach Springs, Arizona 86434
Phone: (928) 769-1310 Ext. 22
Fax: (928) 769-1377

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