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Investing In The Future Of The Hualapai

Just as one would have a new friend over for dinner, the China tourism administration has invited the Hualapai people to tour their country as a cultural exchange. It is truly a rare privilege to be asked by the Chinese to visit and share their Enshi Grand Canyon Skywalk. A group made up of the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation (GCRC) Board Chairwoman Camille Nighthorse, Board Vice Chairwoman Carrie Imus, Hualapai Cultural Center Director Loretta Jackson Kelly, GCRC employees, and several Hualapai community members are going to not only showcase traditional Hualapai dancing and singing, but also to explore potential business prospects and build cultural relationships with the Chinese. Over the course of 10 days in June, this Hualapai exchange group will cross 15 time zones, travel to the cities of Guangzho, Enshi, Lichuan, and Guilin, and cover over 17,000 miles by car, plane, and bus, to study the Enshi Grand Canyon and Skywalk for potential business opportunities to benefit the Hualapai Tribe.

The Hualapai people will experience many benefits from this exchange. To begin, a relationship will be established between the Hualapai and the Chinese. Furthermore, the exchange is a marvelous marketing opportunity to assist in bringing additional visitors to Grand Canyon West (GCW). As the Asian tourism market has always been strong for GCW, this exchange may enhance and grow this market and make GCW even better.

Talks began with the idea of the Chinese city of Enshi becoming an international sister city to Peach Springs. If one thinks about it, it does make sense because the Hualapai have Grand Canyon West and the Chinese have the Enshi Grand Canyon. There are many cross-promotional ideas as the canyons share many similarities, such as Skywalks (Hualapai’s is glass and the Chinese’s is wood), river trips, and indigenous cultures. The Hualapai tribe is making an investment in their future by funding the roundtrip travel expenses for this group to get to China. The Chinese hosts will cover all transportation, lodging, and travel expenses within China.

Article submitted by TINHORN CONSULTING.  For more information, please contact Dawnielle Tehama, GCRC Marketing Director, at 928.769.2292.

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